16 September 2019

HENRY V strikes the right notes

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HENRY V strikes the right notes

Directed by MLR’s Gemma Fairlie, HENRY V opened at the award-winning, pop-up Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre in York.

British Theatre Guide

“Henry V [is] a play that manages to be both pro- and anti-war, celebrating its victories whilst also lamenting its costs… Gemma Fairlie’s well-directed production manages to strike the right note of ambivalence.”

“This is a traditional yet compelling production of a well-known play that makes good use of the theatrical space.”

York Press

“Hair boyishly cropped, voice full of sinew, shoulders back, stride purposeful, Bain’s Henry has the rallying demeanour, the sense of authority, while bearing the weight of responsibility when leading an outnumbered nation against the cock-crowing French”

10 September 2019

FOR SERVICES RENDERED in “deliciously haunting production”

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FOR SERVICES RENDERED in “deliciously haunting production”

Jermyn Street Theatre’s Artistic Director Tom Littler directs Somerset Maugham’s famous 1932 anti-war play, marking the 25th birthday of the venue.

The Spy in the Stalls ★★★★★

“Direction by Tom Littler is subtle… in doing so, he allows the mounting frustration to moulder into angst and finally to a very English version of hysteria. We feel we are watching England decline before us in real time. A deliciously haunting production from a plucky and dedicated theatre celebrating its 25th anniversary.”

The Reviews Hub ★★★★

“The numerous drama plots that resolve within an hour and a half are brilliantly handled.”

“The cast’s flow and chemistry complemented by the Al Johnson background soundtrack during the interval helps present this difficult period in a beautiful way.”

ReviewsGate ★★★★

The Stage

“Director Tom Littler’s staging of the work is a slight but sweet affair… a well-performed and immaculately costumed performance of an interesting play, whose anti-war message was ahead of its time.”

10 September 2019

TORCH SONG shines brightly at new Turbine Theatre

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TORCH SONG shines brightly at new Turbine Theatre

Harvey Fierstein’s seminal gay-play features a lighting design by James Whiteside, and opened the brand new Turbine Theatre at Battersea Power Station.

London Box Office ★★★★★

“Directed with fluidity and flair… Bravo to The Turbine Theatre and Company for giving us such a warm and enjoyable production”

WhatsOnStage ★★★★

“engaging, engrossing… in the presence of something special.”

Time Out ★★★★

“The cast beautifully sell Fierstein’s deep dive into the fragile but enduring spark of love… resonates powerfully into the twenty-first century.”

Pocket Size Theatre ★★★★

“The small acting space is very effectively used… Lighting Designer James Whiteside's lighting also enhances the setting especially in the nightclub scenes.”

The Arts Desk ★★★★

The Express ★★★★

The Stage

“The play contains an array of richly defined characters and well-judged performances… The emotional fireworks explode in all the right places and there’s an elegance to much of the staging.”

09 September 2019

Nancy Medina’s Two Trains Running ‘Works Magic’ ★★★★

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Nancy Medina’s Two Trains Running ‘Works Magic’ ★★★★

Nancy Medina’s ‘beautifully realised’ production of Two Trains Running has impressed critics and audiences alike. Winner of the 2018 RTST Sir Peter Hall Director Award, Medina’s production starts the first leg of the UK tour, in a co-production with Royal & Derngate and English Touring Theatre. Lighting Design by MLR’s Amy Mae.  

The Observer ★★★★ 

‘Nancy Medina’s direction is subtle but ultimately hard-hitting, enabling her fine actors to bring home the relevance of Wilson’s American history play to our own here and now.’  

The Times ★★★★

‘Nancy Medina’s production for Northampton and English Touring Theatre is beautifully acted and stirringly intense. Every syllable, each gesture, has its own resonant eloquence, the riffs of conversation driven by the potency of hope, the weight of tragedy.’

The Stage ★★★★ 

‘Director Nancy Medina, winner of the Royal Theatrical Support Trust’s Sir Peter Hall award, works magic and the excellent ensemble deliver Wilson’s characters with respect and dignity.' 

The Guardian ★★★★

 ‘a superbly acted production by Nancy Medina, winner of an award from the Royal Theatrical Support Trust for young directors.’

Broadway World ★★★★

Directed by Nancy Medina (winner of the 2018 Sir Peter Hall Director Award), over the course of nearly three hours, you see the café's characters wrestle with the realities of their everyday life and how they choose to face its challenges

09 August 2019

Scotsman Fringe Firsts for ENOUGH and RICH KIDS at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

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Scotsman Fringe Firsts for ENOUGH and RICH KIDS at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Today it has been announced that two of the first Scotsman Fringe First awards have been awarded to Productions by MLR clients. 

Stef Smith’s new play ENOUGH is playing to sold-out audiences has been described as ‘profoundly poetic.’ 

‘Brilliantly performed by Louise Ludgate and Amanda Wright, Stef Smith's new play for the Traverse is about the friendship between two air stewardesses, drawn together in ways too complicated to express, and the imminent destruction of both the plane they're in and perhaps the whole world.’

Also at the Traverse 2, RICH KIDS: A HISTORY OF SHOPPING MALLS IN TEHRAN, Co-Created by Kirsty Housley, is playing to full-houses and gaining rave-reviews from audiences and critics.   

‘Already one of the hottest tickets at the Traverse, Javaad Alipoor’s play begins with a car crash and expands to create a powerful, non-western perspective on a global civilisation spinning out of control.’

ENOUGH and RICH KIDS: A HISTORY OF SHOPPING MALLS IN TEHRAN play at the Traverse Theatre until Sunday 25thAugust.